Established in 1972, Felite™ Resin Technology is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality ion exchange resins. Our primary objective is to become the industry’s most reliable and competitive supplier, offering a complete range of ion exchange media to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers. Over the past five decades, we have developed hundreds of resin models to cater to various applications, including industrial deionization, water softening, metals removal, juice purification, resource recovery, pollution control, hydrometallurgy, and municipal water treatment.

At Felite™, we place great emphasis on consistently producing superior quality products. We understand that delivering uncompromising quality is crucial to our continued growth and success. Therefore, we ensure the highest levels of quality control during our manufacturing procedures, from raw materials to intermediates and final products. Our production of advanced resin technologies is carefully controlled to meet the most stringent criteria.

To maintain our exceptional standards, every batch of resin sold by Felite™ Resin Technology undergoes rigorous testing before being placed in active inventory. All of our resins are manufactured to specifications that meet or exceed published specifications for other manufacturers’ equivalent products.

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