Top 10 Water Softener Resin Suppliers in the World 🇺🇳

The global water softener resin demand continues to rise. The global industry is expected to grow at a staggering rate, from $2.51 billion in 2021 to $3.95 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 6.7% in the forecast period.
All regions are getting an influx of consumer demand, leading to innovation and efficiency in the market.
Here are the top 10 water softener resin suppliers around the world:

  • Location: Jiangsu, China and Ottawa, Canada 
  • Company type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Year founded: 1972
  • Number of employees: 11-50
  • Main products: Water Softening Resin
  • Other Products: Strong/weak base cation and anion exchange resins,  Ready-to-use mixed bed resins

With 50+ years of experience, Felite has been supplying Water Softening Resins to companies working in various industries, including Water Treatment, Power, Mining, and Food and Beverage Industries.

Its strategic location in China allows it to supply resins to countries worldwide. Till now, it has developed and supplied 100+ customized resin models per the client’s applications and requirements in the past five decades.

Felite recently opened a new warehouse in Ottawa, Canada. This has benefitted Felite in extending its customer base and strategically supplying its quality Water Softening Resins to customers. This also helps in ensuring that the products meet the high standards of the western and Canadian market. 

Its ISO 9001-certified resins can be used for industrial deionization, metal removal, water softening, product purification, pollution control, hydrometallurgy, etc.

With the mission of becoming the industry’s most reliable supplier, Felite has been opting for the most advanced and innovative production techniques to ensure customer satisfaction.

Felite’s greatest strengths are his satisfied and loyal customers. In a review, a customer wrote, ”We switched to Felite™ Resin Technology a couple of years ago, and things are getting better. We really appreciate the advice from them. These guys are my day savior”.

  • Location: Litchfield, United Kingdom
  • Company type: Manufacturer, Distributor
  • Year founded: 1986
  • Number of employees: 51-200
  • Main products: Ion Exchange Resin
  • Other Products: Granular Activated Carbon, Filter Cartridges, High Purity Water Systems

ResinTech is well-known for the high quality of its ion exchange products and services, which are suitable for use in residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment applications.

It promises to “enhance water” by employing the best expertise, technology, and knowledge.

ResinTech works in five countries, and serves clients globally with 98 distinct resin products and various filter media.

It also offers lab and water filtering services and technical guidance to assist businesses in improving manufacturing processes.

It recently introduced the CLiR Lab Water System, a low-cost, high-efficiency water system designed to meet the market’s growing demand for high high-purity, making it the world’s only vertically integrated lab water manufacturer.

  • Location: British Columbia, Canada
  • Company type: Manufacturers, Distributors
  • Year founded: 2013 (100+ experience)
  • Number of employees: 1000+
  • Main products: commercial resins for cleaning applications
  • Other Products: solutions for water & wastewater treatment

Evoqua is one of Canada’s largest water treatment systems distributors.It manufactures water and wastewater treatment systems and associated services and equipment.

The firm currently serves 38,000 customers at over 150 sites across nine countries. It also offers customized ion exchange solutions on demand.

Its Ion Exchange Resin variants are suitable for various comprehensive operations, including water treatment.

It recently launched a new product, MitiGATOR mobile system for potable water, which is said to have revolutionized the contaminant removal industry globally.

Evoqua acquired Epicor Inc., a significant producer of powdered ion exchange resins and resin/fiber blends, and is also involved in the power industry.

Evoqua is concerned with its environmental impact and regards sustainability as a vital principle. It also encourages its clients to run environmentally friendly businesses. 

It just launched the Evoqua Water Sustainability Award to recognize customers that employ technology in the most innovative and sustainable ways.

  • Location: Binasco (MI), Italy
  • Company type: Manufacturer, Distributor
  • Main products: Ion Exchange Resins
  • Other Products: Adsorbent Resins, Immobilization mechanisms, Bioseparation and RP Chromatographic Media

Resindion is the Italian subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. It designs, develops, and produces polymers and processes for the recovery, purification and immobilization of biomolecules. 

RELISORB, a sub-brand of Resindion, is dedicated to producing top-quality ion exchange resin models, while its RELITE stream produces ion exchange and adsorbent resins that are stable insoluble copolymers.

Resindion, under Mitsubishi’s forward-looking mindset, is engaged in researching, developing, and producing innovative polymers to match customers’ both existing and, emerging needs in purification and other areas of application.

  • Location: Germany
  • Company type: Manufacturers, Distributors
  • Year founded: 2004
  • Number of employees: 10,001+ employees
  • Main products:  Lewatit Ion Exchange Resins
  • Other Products: Advanced Industrial Intermediates, Inorganic Pigments, Liquid Purification Technologies

Lanxess, headquartered in Germany, is the world’s top chemical manufacturing corporation, with operations in 33 countries.

Lanxess is a global chemical firm that manufactures and distributes a diverse range of intermediates, additives, and specialty chemicals. Its resins are known for their water-softening properties, without much change in the formula.

Lewatit, a Lanxess sub-brand, specializes in Ion Exchange resin models. Lanxess has been able to meet the demands of a large market with its vast and comprehensively-developed Ion Exchange Resin Products, thanks to its 80+ years of expertise and three manufacturing units.

Lanxess is making its business and manufacturing activities greener and implementing several program programs for its environmental footprint to achieve climate Neutrality by 2040.

  • Location: Delaware, United States.
  • Company type: Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 1897
  • Number of employees: 10,000+
  • Main products: ion exchange resins/water softening resins 
  • Other Products: organic scavenging resins

DuPont is considered one of the world’s leading chemical producers. Its Amber Series contains ion exchange water treatment and softening solutions. Amber’s Ion Exchange Resins are well-known for their high level of certification.

DuPont has enhanced its products and created a market reputation via over 80 years of research, development, and testing. To boost customer satisfaction, DuPont offers a variety of resins with varied pore sizes and structures.

With over 100 brands, DuPont has established a reputation in the industry for providing everything a consumer needs, furthering its goal of “creating a better today.” It has developed organic scavenging resins, an environmentally and economically advantageous method of deionizing water.

  • Location: Pennsylvania, United States
  • Company type: Developer and Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 1981
  • Number of employees: 1000+
  • Main products: Water softener resin
  • Other products: Mix bed Ion exchange resins, Adsorbents, resins for healthcare, bioprocessing, and technological use

Purolite has offices in more than 40 countries. The company was founded by brothers Steve and Don Brodie as a small-scale ion exchange resin seller, and now it is leading the global market.

Its key product categories include core technology, healthcare, life science, and bioprocessing goods. It creates premium ion exchange resin beads that can remove, separate, or recover the most challenging materials.

Their production facility follows Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) and is FDA-approved to make pharmaceutical-grade resins.

Purolite places a strong emphasis on sustainability and keeps coming up with creative solutions to reduce the damaging effects of its procedures on the environment.

Additionally, it offers products that lessen the environmental impact on the client’s facilities. Purolite was acquired by Ecolab Inc. in 2021, becoming Purolite–An Ecolab Company.

  • Location: Bangkok
  • Company type: manufacturers
  • Year founded: 1994
  • Number of employees: 10,001+ (around the world)
  • Main products: Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resins, Weakly Acidic Cation Exchange Resins, etc.
  • Other Products: Chelating Resins, Synthetic Adsorbents

Mitsubishi Corporation is one of the world’s largest chemical production businesses, satisfying the needs of almost every niche.

Even though the company specializes in various industries, it also provides ion exchange resins for the water treatment industry in multiple mixes and combinations.

Mitsubishi refers to itself as a KAITEKI COMPANY because it has a vision of a sustainable society. This notion serves as a road map for resolving social and environmental issues while providing a course of action for the long-term development of society and the planet.

  • Location: India
  • Company type: Manufacturers, Distributors
  • Year founded: 1966
  • Number of employees: 5,001-10,000 (around the world)
  • Main products: Specialty Resins, Industrial Water Treatment Resins
  • Other Products: Water Treatment Chemicals, Fuel Additives, and Fireside Chemicals

Based in India, the Thermax group is one of the world’s most significant industrial equipment manufacturers.

Tulsion, its subsidiary, is wholly dedicated to producing high-quality Ion Exchange Resins. It provides a wide variety of resins that aid in the filtration, softening, dealkalization, and demineralization of water worldwide.

To incorporate sustainable development in its operations, Thermax group has a strict policy that applies not only to the business itself but to its suppliers and customers.

It is also a trusted partner in the ever-evolving transition to a carbon-free future and works actively to conserve and preserve resources for future generations.

  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Company type: Developer and Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 1964
  • Number of employees: 1,001-5,000 employees
  • Main products: Water Softening Resin
  • Other Products: Strong/weak base cation and anion exchange resins, Ready-to-use mixed bed resins

Once a small company in India, Indion Resin is now among the top Water Treatment Resin Manufacturers globally. Its Ion Exchange Resins are made to refine, purify, and soften water.

Indion Resins provides resin for various uses, ensuring its products meet worldwide standards. It passes stringent quality tests. The company proudly owns the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal and is Halal, Kosher, and ROHS Certified.

It has global locations in 14 different countries, which helps Indion Resins provide the most customized products for its customers based on their particular requirements. 

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