Top 6 Ion Exchange Resin Suppliers in Indonesia 🇮🇩

Ion Exchange Resin is one of the most versatile and widely-used ingredients in filtration processes. It is used in various industries, including Water Treatment, Pharmaceutical, Mining, and nuclear energy.

The global market for Ion Exchange Resin is rapidly growing as researchers find more innovative and efficient ways to use them. More suppliers are entering the market, making the resins more accessible.

Here are the top 6 Ion Exchange Resin Manufacturers in Indonesia:

  • Location: Jiangsu, China
  • Company type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Year founded: 1972
  • Number of employees: 11-50 people
  • Main products: Strong/weak base cation and anion exchange resins
  • Other Products: Ready-to-use mixed bed resins

Felite Resin Technology is a leading manufacturer of Ion Exchange Resin. In its five decades of experience, Felite has expanded its expertise and is now supplying the finest quality filtration media to customers around the globe.

Felite offers a broad range of resins that can be used in various applications, including the Water Treatment Industry. It has supplied 100+ customized resin models to its customers.

Its ISO 9001–certified resins can be used for industrial deionization, metal removal, water softening, product purification, pollution control and hydrometallurgy.

With a mission of becoming an industry leader and the most reliable producer of ion exchange resins, Felite has been developing and using the most contemporary technology and meticulously testing each of its products to ensure that its customers receive the highest quality products.

  • Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Company type: Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Provider
  • Year founded: 2014
  • Number of employees: 51-200 people
  • Main products: Ion Exchange Resin
  • Other Products: Ultraviolet, RO Membrane, Media Filtration, Cartridge Filter

With its 20+ years of experience, HUI’s engineering team focuses on providing the industrial market of Indonesia with the highest quality equipment and services.

It has 15+ years of experience in the Ion Exchange Resin market. HUI’s resin is known for helping its customers lower their cost of production while increasing product quality.

In addition, HUI also offers consultancy services to its customers to help them reduce wastage and the environmental impact of their processes.

HUI has implemented a Zero Discharge Program to conserve water resources in Indonesia. It allows the industrial sectors to clean and recycle their process water and recover valuable chemical compounds.

  • Location: Jawa Barat, Indonesia
  • Company type: Manufacturer, Distributor
  • Experience: 50 years+
  • Main products: Resin Products
  • Other Products: Membrane Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Water Filter Sand

Ion Exchange Asia Pacific is the pioneer in the water and environmental management industry of Thailand. With its 56 years of experience, it has received recognition worldwide.

It offers its customers a wide range of Ion Exchange products and other water filtration systems with convenient delivery services.

Its strategically built warehouse in Indonesia has a large storage and fabrication facility, which helps in the fast shipping of products. It is also a significant exporter of ion exchange products, shipping throughout Asia and Europe.

It also provides free consultation services to its customers throughout the world.

  • Location: Jawa Barat, Indonesia
  • Company type: Manufacturers, Distributors
  • Year founded: 1986
  • Number of employees: 500-700 people
  • Main products: ion exchange resin filters
  • Other Products: Utility Products, Process Chemicals, Equipment and Systems

Kurita is a water treatment chemical manufacturer dedicated to producing optimum quality water needed by many customers.

It offers various types of ion exchange resins, which can be used in several industrial water purification processes.

Kurita also provides its clients consultation and other technical support facilities to help them optimize their processes and reach a cost and environmentally-friendly solution to their problems.

Intending to become a sustainable member of the water treatment industry, Kurita works actively to minimize its environmental footprint by using sustainable energy and water resources and reducing wastage.

Over the years, it has reduced its steam consumption by 10% while increasing productivity by 5%.

In April 2020, Kurita proposed adding a water treatment chemical to the paper mills to add a water-repellant film to the steam.

  • Location: West Java, Indonesia
  • Company type: Distributor
  • Year founded: 1966
  • Number of employees: 201-500 people
  • Main products: Ion Exchange Resins
  • Other Products: Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Lubricants, Custom-Made Machines, Electrical

PT Arianto Darmawan directly supplies DuPont AmberLite™, resins that serve a wide array of applications. The company has an esteemed mission of meeting “the needs of the industrial world by providing superior service and high-quality products, with integrity and honesty.”

Darmawan offers DuPont’s highest-quality resin, designed for industrial demineralization and softening applications when high operational performance, long resin life, simple and cost-effective operation are required.

Darmawan is the sole distributor of DuPont Water Solutions in Indonesia. The company holds a wide range of Ion Exchange Resins such as IRC 120 Na, IRA 402 Cl, and HPR1100 Na.

The company keeps its commitment to the customers at the core of its business. It is diligently dedicated to providing superior and professional service.

  • Location: Ancol, North Jakarta
  • Company type: Distributor
  • Year founded: 2009
  • Main products: Ion Exchange Resins
  • Other Products: Cartridge Filter Housing, RO Membrane, Manual Multiport Valve Filter & Softener

Aquatech Indonesia was established in 2009 with the goal of becoming Indonesia’s one-stop water treatment shop. The company offers all varieties of water treatment solutions.

It also represents several well-known manufacturers, such as Pentair Ex. USA, Greensand Plus Ex Inversand USA, Milton Roy Ex. USA, Filmtec RO membrane Ex. USA, Dupont Ex., USA, Ion Exchange Resin Tulsion Ex. Thermax India, and Ailipu Ex. China, as their authorized distributors.

The company aims to pamper its customers with a selection of high-quality goods at reasonable costs.

One of the company’s core strengths lies in being the official importer. All its products are guaranteed authentic because they have clear and updated documents and certificates.

Moreover, the company efficiently delivers its complete stock, an advantage that will continue to make it the center for water treatment equipment (Water Treatment Equipment).

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