Top 6 Ion Exchange Resin Suppliers in Poland 🇵🇱

By 2030, the global Ion Exchange Resin Market is expected to grow by a CAGR of 4.2%. This means rapid technological changes and that every producer has to adapt to the new era of innovation.

More suppliers are entering the market, having cost-competitive products to offer.

Here, I have shortlisted the top 6 Ion Exchange Resin Suppliers in Poland. So let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Location: Jiangsu, China
  • Company type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Year founded: 1972
  • Number of employees: 11-50 people
  • Main products: Strong/weak base cation and anion exchange resins
  • Other Products: Ready-to-use mixed bed resins

In its 50+ years of experience, Felite has supplied more than 100+ customized resin models for its customers, making it one of the world’s leading suppliers of water filtration media.

Based in China, Felite focuses on providing the best output quality, which is why every batch of resin is meticulously tested. Currently, it is producing more than 11 000 m³ worth of Ion Exchange Resin and supplying it to countries all over the world.

To encourage the reliability and transparency of its production processes, Felite has a blog section on its website. This also helps the customers get a better understanding of the uses and applications of its products.

Other than Water Treatment, Felite’s resins can be used in various applications, including Food and Beverage, Hydrometallurgy and Mining, and the Power Industry.

With a mission of becoming the most reliable supplier in the global market, Felite continuously innovates and develops its products to keep up with the growing demand.

  • Location: Poznan, Poland
  • Company type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Year founded: 2010
  • Main products: Ion Exchange Resins
  • Other Products: Reverse Osmosis systems, Plasticizers, Iron Removers

The roots of the company stretch back to many years of experience of Eko-Serwis Polska, existing since 1999. Its areas of operation mainly include the wholesale and installation market, wherein it shines as one of the biggest distributors in the Polish and European markets.

Its offer ranges from finished items and parts from top suppliers and manufacturers to a vast array of its own brand’s products. It imports products from a variety of well-known manufacturers, including Viqua, Airwatec, Puricom, Honeywell, Etatron, Vontron, and many more.

Additionally, it provides its own lines of industrial reverse osmosis systems, plasticizers, and iron removers for use in water treatment.

The company’s competitive advantage lies in the effective operation of its customer service division and speedy order fulfillment.

  • Location: Jeziorna, Poland
  • Company type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Year founded: 1990
  • Main products: Ion Exchange Resins
  • Other Products: Mechanical Filters, Reverse Osmosis, Dealkalization

The company’s expertise, knowledge, and experience enable it to address any issues relating to water contamination.

It conducts its own water analyses, station designs, and selection and delivery of premium water filters.

Klarwod’s Ion Exchange Resins’ range includes cation exchangers, anion exchangers, and amphoteric ion exchangers, which can absorb both anions and cations.

Additionally, the company provides RO (reverse osmosis) stations, softeners, iron separators, manganese, carbon filters, and other equipment.

Through its strict specialization, Klarwod assures its customers that its tools and services are precisely matched to their requirements and expectations.

  • Location: Gdynia, Poland
  • Company type: Distributor
  • Year founded: 1989
  • Main products: Ion Exchange Resins
  • Other Products: Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Osmotic Membranes

Since 1989, Promat – Woda from Gdynia has been addressing water treatment-related concerns. The company specializes in Ion Exchange Resins, building membrane-based installations, filtration, iron removal, manganese removal, decarbonization, demineralization, and softening stations.

Having advanced technologies and years of experience, the company covers all aspects of water treatment in detail.

It promises its customers uninterrupted delivery, ongoing service across the board, and, most importantly, a competitive price.

  • Location: Czeladź, Poland
  • Company type: Distributor
  • Year founded: 1993
  • Main products: Ion Exchange Resins
  • Other Products: Reverse Osmosis, Filter Beds, UV Lamps

Established in 1991, the company has successfully operated in the Polish market and has gained years-long experience in the water purification industry. It sells, maintains, and installs water treatment systems.

Global Water expanded its product line in 1993 to include food water treatment equipment for use in residential and commercial settings.

It began working with Aqua Filter in 1998 and, since 2003, has served as the organization’s official representative in Poland. It proudly targets consumers looking for ways to get clean, delectable water for drinking and household.

The company later began working with the world’s largest residential water softener manufacturer in 2004 and is now a vital distributor of the EcoWater brand. It is known for its high-quality service and warranty conditions for water softeners.

  • Location: Mazańowice, Poland
  • Company type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Year founded: 2016
  • Main products: Ion Exchange Resins
  • Other Products: Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration

Benefitting from Oriontec Krzysztof Jasik’s experience, which has been operating in the water purification market since 1994, the company develops its knowledge and experience, specializing in modern water treatment technologies.

Keeping in mind water’s importance in life, it strives to ensure that the water it provides is of the highest quality. The company is concentrating on its strengths, increasing its organization’s functionality through employee growth and progress.

Orientec aims to understand its consumers’ needs completely and develop the best solutions while upholding the highest standards of business ethics. Oriontec holds professionalism, customer satisfaction, and the effectiveness of technologies offered at the core of its business.

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