Top 9 Ion Exchange Resin Suppliers in UK 🇬🇧

Europe accounts for a significant share in the Ion Exchange Resins global market. With its fast-growing technology and potential, it is expected to grow by a further CAGR of 4% by 2027.

New investors are entering the market, and researchers are looking to increase product efficiency and productivity.

In this article, I have listed the top 9 Ion exchange resin suppliers in the UK that you can explore, order from, or get into business with.

So, let’s get right into it!

  • Location: Yancheng, China
  • Company type: Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 1972
  • Main products: Cation resins; Anion resins; Chelating resin;
  • Other Products: Ready-to-use mixed bed resins

Felite has been providing Ion Exchange Resins to firms operating in a wide range of industries for over 50 years, including the water treatment, power, mining, and food and beverage industries.

Over the last five decades, it has designed and provided over 100 bespoke resin models based on the uses and specifications of its clients.

Its ISO 9001-certified resins can be utilized for industrial deionization, metal removal, water softening, product purification, pollution control, and hydrometallurgy.

Felite has been pursuing its goal of becoming the most reliable supplier in the market by using the most cutting-edge and innovative manufacturing methods to guarantee client satisfaction.

One of their clients (Pablo Hensley) said, “We switched to Felite™ Resin Technology a couple of years ago, and things are getting better. We really appreciate the advice from them. These guys are my day savior.”

The company has offices in several countries and is dedicated to offering the best services to clients worldwide.

Felite has also been trusted by leading businesses like Purolite, Western Digital, DOW, etc.

  • Location: Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, Distributor
  • Year Founded: 2004 (incorporation)
  • Number of Employees: 11-50 employees
  • Main Products: Mix Bed Resins; Water Softener Resin;
  • Other Products: Reverse Osmosis, Pressure Vessels, Media, Filter Cartridges

Vyair is committed to supplying clean water resources in the UK. It works in all applications, from minor kitchen and household to large-scale industrial processes.

It supplies high-quality water filtration media with varying functions, shapes, sizes, and absorption rates.

It continues to develop new technology to serve its customers with top quality, rigorously tested and certified products.

Through its vast network of experts, Vyair has been able to help its customers find the most sustainable and efficient solutions to their water problems. It also provides bespoke water treatment systems, helping millions of people access clean water.

  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Company type: Manufacturers, Distributors
  • Year founded: 2004
  • Number of employees: 10,001+ employees
  • Main products: Lewatit Ion Exchange Resins
  • Other Products: Advanced Industrial Intermediates, Inorganic Pigments, Liquid Purification Technologies.

Based in Germany, Lanxess is the world’s leading chemical manufacturing company, with offices in 33 countries worldwide.

It produces and distributes a wide range of chemical intermediates, additives, and other specialty chemicals.

Lewatit, a sub-brand of Lanxess, is dedicated to producing top-quality ion exchange resin models. Through 80+ years of market experience and three production units, Lanxess has been able to cater to the needs of a sizable market with its extensive and well-developed Ion Exchange Resin Products.

Intending to become Climate Neutral by 2040, Lanxess is making its business and production operations greener by introducing projects to reduce its environmental footprint.

  • Location: Derbyshire, United Kingdom
  • Company Type: Researcher, Manufacturer, Distributor
  • Year Founded: 1988
  • Number of Employees: 1,001-5,000 (worldwide)
  • Main Products: Softening resins, Decarbonation resins, Demineralization resins, Mixed bed resins
  • Other Products: Inert resins, Selective resins, Adsorber resins

Caldic is a prominent industrial product maker, providing high-quality products to consumers worldwide. It covers over 15 markets and provides over 100 goods.

Caldic UK was formed after the acquisition of Sheppy Chemicals by Caldic B.V. It then continued to expand and acquire major chemical producers in the UK to become one of the leading producers in the market.

Being the official distributor of Lewatit in the UK, Caldic supplies Ion Exchange Resins, renowned for their high filtration abilities in the Water Treatment Industry.

Additionally, it provides consulting services and other solutions that can assist businesses in implementing contemporary and innovative production techniques.

Its stringent HSE policies help Caldic stand out from other producers in the market. It frequently collaborates with the local government to strive for a better, brighter, and sustainable future.

  • Location: Bletchley, United Kingdom
  • Company type: Manufacturer, Distributor
  • Year founded: 1966
  • Number of employees: 5,001-10,000 (around the world)
  • Main products: Specialty Resins, Industrial Water Treatment Resins
  • Other Products: Water Treatment Chemicals, Fuel Additives, and Fireside Chemicals.

Based in India, the Thermax group is one of the world’s most significant industrial equipment manufacturers. Its European Subsidiary is headquartered in Bletchley, UK, and supplies to the whole of Europe to achieve better resource productivity while maintaining a cleaner environment.

Tulsion, its subsidiary, is wholly dedicated to producing high-quality Ion Exchange Resins. It provides a wide variety of resins that aid in the filtration, softening, dealkalization, and demineralization of water worldwide.

To incorporate sustainable development in its operations, Thermax group has a strict policy that applies not only to the business itself but to its suppliers and customers.

It is also a trusted partner in the ever-evolving transition to a carbon-free future and works actively to conserve and preserve resources for future generations.

  • Location: Llantrisant
  • Company type: Developer and Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 1981
  • Number of employees: 1000+
  • Main products: Full range of Ion exchange resins
  • Other products: Adsorbents, resins for healthcare, bioprocessing, and technological use

Purolite manufactures over 1000 active commercial products and has offices in over 40 countries, including the United Kingdom. Healthcare, life science, and bioprocessing products are among their main product lines.

They create high-quality ion exchange resin beads capable of separating, removing, or recovering the trickiest elements.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has certified Purolite facilities. This proves the company’s commitment to manufacturing products that meet consistent, high-quality standards.

Purolite places a strong emphasis on sustainability and is constantly looking for new ways to reduce the environmental impact of its processes.

Purolite understands all regulatory legislation pertaining to our products’ manufacture, distribution, and use and is steadfast in its commitment to producing the highest quality products per global environmental, health, and safety standards.

Purolite was acquired by Ecolab Inc. in 2021, resulting in Purolite – An Ecolab Company.

  • Location: Ravenstor Road Wirksworth, Matlock, Derbyshire
  • Company Type: Manufacturers, Suppliers
  • Year Founded: 2005
  • Number of Employees: 11-50
  • Main Products: Ion exchange rains, water filters
  • Other Products: Reverse osmosis, UV filtration, demineralization

As one of the largest and most experienced water equipment suppliers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Industrial Water Equipment can provide a full range of water treatment services.

The company offers a wide range of Water Treatment products, which are fully supported by an experienced team of specialized engineers. Whatever your requirements are, Industrial Water Equipment has a solution for you.

In addition, they provide expert advice and technical information on all Water Treatment services.

They have a massive inventory of equipment and spares, most of which can be purchased online, to provide ease for their customers.

They also offer ion exchange resin courses so those who want to specialize in the topic can learn from the industry’s best and most experienced specialists. 

  • Location: Rooks Bridge, United Kingdom
  • Company Type: Distributor
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Number of Employees: 11-50
  • Main Products: Ion Exchange Resin
  • Other Products: Pure Water System Design, Effluent & Waste Water Treatment

Based in Bristol, AllWater excels in providing flexible, cost-effective solutions to the problems in Water Treatment Industry.

In association with Purolite, AllWater supplies Ion Exchange Resins and other filter media to the whole of Europe. All its products are ISO 9001 accredited.

With a vision to deliver the best in every field, AllWater has refined its services and technology over the years and is now a key solution provider in the market.

  • Location: Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
  • Company Type: Distributor
  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Number of Employees: 11-50
  • Main Products: Ion Exchange Resins
  • Other Products: Reverse Osmosis, Softeners, Deionizers

Through their expertise, Adept can help its customers produce all grades of water, depending on the requirements.

The company employs a mix of experienced and trainee engineers who are trained in-house to a high standard, ensuring that your Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis, and Deioniser Systems are always reliable and efficient.

It offers its customers an extensive range of Ion Exchange Resins and uses the best quality when providing services. Due to its strict HSE policy, the company was accredited by Safe Contractor.

For a quick overview of the company and its products, you can download its brochure.

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