Industrial Grade, Weak Base Anion Resin, Macroporous

Felite Macroporous Weak Base Anion Resin


Felite FA301 resin is an extremely durable high capacity, shock resistant, tertiary amine macroporous weak base anion exchange resin with very good rinse characteristics that can be efficiently regenerated with a variety of alkaline chemicals, or with waste caustic left over from regeneration of strong base anion resin. The high degree of porosity of this resin provides efficient adsorption of large organic molecules and their desorption during regeneration, thus allowing excellent protection against organic fouling. 

Felite FA301 resin is intended primarily for the removal of strong acids from water following a strongly acidic cation exchange resin, and it provides excellent protection against organic fouling for the strong base anion exchange resin placed downstream in a deionization plant. It can also be used in resource recovery systems and for selective ion removal (when used in the acid salt form).


  • Demineralization;
  • Mineral Acids Removal;
  • Organics Removal;


Polymer Structure

Styrene/DVB, Macroporous


Spherical Beads

Functional Group

Tertiary Amine

Ionic form, as shipped

Free Base

Total Exchange Capacity (mmol/ml)

1.45 min. (FB)

Moisture Retention

51 – 58%

Particle Size Range (mm)

0.3 – 1.2 (16 – 50 US Mesh)

Uniformity Coefficient (max.)


Reversible Swelling (max.)

25% (FB → Cl-)

Shipping Weight (g/L, approx.)

645 – 675 (40 lb/ft3)

Specific Gravity


Temperature Limit

60℃ (140°F)

Stability, pH Range

0 – 14


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