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Felite™ Milling Media - Styrene-DVB Copolymer Beads

Felite™ Resin Technology has been engineering styrene-DVB copolymer beads for milling media for many decades now. Styrene-DVB Copolymers are free flowing, spherical beads made from tough styrenic polymers that have been cross linked with divinylbenzene. They are sold as clear to colorless opaque spheres that are often used as plastic ball bearings.

Styrene-DVB Copolymers are useful for many applications, such as:

• Lubrication:
Because of their hardness and spherical nature, they act like tiny, plastic ball bearings and have found use in many lubrication applications. One such application is well drilling, where the copolymer is added to the drilling mud for enhanced lubrication in difficult rock formations and in horizontal drilling. Other customers use Styrene-DVB Copolymers to “float” sheet metal in their work area.

• Grinding media:
Styrene-DVB Copolymers are also useful as grinding media due to their good crush strengths and spherical nature. They have found application in sand blasting and deburringof metal and plastic parts.

• Precision fillers:
Styrene-DVB Copolymers are made from cross linked polystyrene, so they will not melt at elevated temperatures. The beads can be used as whole beads or ground and used in a wide variety of filler applications. The ground copolymer is often used as a mold release agent.

You can rely on Felite™ Resin Technology for quality styrene-DVB copolymer beads needed for milling application. We carry 50 years’ experience, and all beads are produced under ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Fine mesh Styrene-DVB Copolymers beads.

Standard mesh Styrene-DVB Copolymers beads.

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