Felite™ FMB401 is the mixture of Felite™ FC108-H (hydrogen form strong acid cation resin) and Felite™ FA127-OH (hydroxide form type I strong base anion resin) with the ratio 2:3, and is a higher level of Felite™ FMB401-L.

Felite™ FMB401 is designed to produce very high water quality and is intended to use in all mixed bed deionization applications that require high resistivity and high capacity.

Felite™ FMB401 is particularly well suited for portable exchange and other polishing applications. It’s supplied ready to use form, and the resistivity can reach up to 18megohms.

Mixed Bed Demineralization;

typical physical & chemical characteristics:

Polymer Structure

Styrene/DVB, Gel


Spherical Beads

Functional Group

Sulfonic Acid / Type I Quaternary Ammonium

Ionic form, as shipped

99% H+ / 90% OH-

Total Capacity (mmol/ml)

2.0 min. (Na+) / 1.4 min. (Cl-)


2 : 3

Moisture Retention

50 - 60%

Particle Size Range (mm)

0.3 - 1.2

(≤0.3mm, 1% max.; >1.2mm, 5% max.)

Uniformity Coefficient (max.)


Shipping Weight (g/L, approx.)

705 - 740 (44 lb/ft3)

Temperature Limit (Regenerable Bed)

Temperature Limit (Non-Regenerable Bed)

60℃ (140°F)

100℃ (212°F)

Stability, pH Range

0 - 14

Felite™ Resin

Felite™ FMB401, Mixed Bed(Deionization) Resin, Gel

SAC / SBA, Gel
Ratio: 2 : 3
Standard Mesh
H+ / OH- form

WQA Gold Seal

Certified by the WQA to NSF/ANSI-61 Standard


Felite™ Resin 25L Package

25 Litres / 1 cu.ft PE Bag;
42 Bags Per Pallet;
20 Pallets Per 20’ Container

Felite™ Resin Package Pallet

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