Felite™ FC311 is a porous-type polyacrylic weak acid cation exchange resin with standard mesh size. Its carboxylic type functional groups give high chemical efficiency in many applications, especially for the removal of bicarbonate alkalinity in water treatment. Its major use is in the dealkalization and softening of waters and thereby the ionic load on the subsequent strong acid resin bed can be reduced. Felite™ FC311 product has also been used to selectively recover transition metals from aqueous solutions.

Felite™ FC311 is supplied in both industrial grade and potable water grade.

Principal Application:
Softening – Industrial;
Softening – Potable Water(When ordered as Felite™ FC311-P);

typical physical & chemical characteristics:

Polymer Structure

Styrene/DVB, Porous


Spherical Beads

Functional Group

Carboxylic Acid

Ionic form, as shipped


Total Capacity (mmol/ml)

4.7 min. (H+)

Moisture Retention

45 - 55%

Particle Size Range (mm)

0.3 - 1.2

(≤0.3mm, 1% max.; >1.2mm, 5% max.)

Uniformity Coefficient (max.)


Reversible Swelling, H+ → Ca2+ (max.)

Reversible Swelling, H+ → Ca2+ (operating)

Reversible Swelling, H+ → Na+ (max.)




Shipping Weight (g/L, approx.)

740 - 780 (48 lb/ft3)

Specific Gravity


Temperature Limit

120℃ (248°F)

Stability, pH Range

0 - 14

Felite™ Resin

Felite™ FC311, Weak Acid Cation Resin Porous, Standard Mesh

Weak Acid Cation, Porous
Standard Mesh
H+ form

WQA Gold Seal

Certified by the WQA to NSF/ANSI-61 Standard


Felite™ Resin 25L Package

25 Litres / 1 cu.ft PE Bag;
42 Bags Per Pallet;
20 Pallets Per 20’ Container

Felite™ Resin Package Pallet

1 Jumbo Bag Per Pallet;
20 Pallets Per 20’ Container

Felite™ Resin Jumbo Bag

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