Day: May 22, 2022

Knowledges of Ion Exchange Resins

Sources of Nitrates in Nature
Nitrate Removal Resin

Ion Exchange Resins for Nitrate Removal

Nitrates are highly soluble and stable ions in water. They are much more complicated to eliminate in water sources. Nitrates couldn’t remove with carbon filters, sediment filters, and UV filtration. Ion exchange, reverse osmosis (RO), and distillation are the best common methods accepted worldwide.
This article will discuss how ion exchange resin removes nitrates from water.

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Mixed Bed(DI) Resin Regeneration Process
Mixed Bed Resin

Mixed Bed (DI) Resin Regeneration Process

When the resin beads continue their exchanging process, the resin bed gradually saturates with the dissolved contaminants in raw water. The effluent water shows increasing conductivity as a failing DI unit indicator. Therefore, it is essential to refresh the resin bed for efficient work.

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